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One life, one passion…Outstanding pictures.
As it is a well known fact, the understanding of any message entirely depends on the emotion it conveys…
When setting up is not enough anymore, you need to find the right tone which goes beyond the right word.

Some outstanding and magical moments.
Each event, each brand has its own world. Alain Ernoult perfectly succeeds in creating a specific environment mainly composed of what he feels, especially when it is difficult… This man really has a talent in creating a certain kind of discrepancy of his own that we would like to see more often. For the last 20 years, Alain Ernoult has been leading an exceptional career. In 1983, he realised his first report on the Patrouille de France. It immediately got him the front cover and a 15 pages long report in the GEO magazine. He was noticed by the international press because of his new perception of the subjects he was photographing which led the readers at the core of the action and gave a new dimension to mankind. His photographs were already making the front cover of magazines and illustrating the most important reports of the biggest and most prestigious magazines of the world such as Paris Match, Figaro Magazine, Life, National Geographic, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Stern… And he became a big name of the worldwide big report’s photography.


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Alain Ernoult is ready to take up any photographic challenge such as flying at a speed of more than 3000 kph to photograph stunt pilots aboard a military jet, diving in deep water to take pictures of 3 meters (9,84 feet) long moray eels, being in total immersion among an Indian tribe in Amazonia or directing thematic photographs involving several thousands of people for worldwide advertising campaigns. He has also written more than twenty books and organised a lot of exhibits all around the world which have really been successful. He has won several awards for his work such as the World Press Photos price and has lately been promoted Chevalier National de l’Orde du Mérite (a great French distinction).



Alain Ernoult covered many conflicts as a war correspondent for the international press: Afghanistan / Bosnia / Gulf War / Chad …

Alain Ernoult’s photographs image bank can be found in the Library. For more information, do not hesitate to contact him via the contact form.

« The most interesting in my job is the richness of human relations and the constant reconsideration of the principles and the certitudes of life… » Alain Ernoult